Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff Reports Defective General Electric Appliance May Create Fire Hazard

Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff is investigating reports about defective GE appliances. The defective component is In a number of household appliances, and may pose a fire risk to consumers.

February 9, 2012

Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff is currently investigating reports about a faulty and potentially hazardous part in GE household appliances manufactured between 2002 to 2007, including refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and other appliances with compressors. The defective part is called a "start relay,” a part that turns on the compressor. If it fails, the appliance will not function properly – for example, when a start relay fails in a refrigerator or freezer, the freezer or refrigerator will not stay cold. This failure is also known to be a fire hazard, and could pose significant risks to consumers. According to consumer reports, appliances that contain a faulty start relay typically fail long before the useful life of the appliance.

Our lawyers are currently working with experts to determine if the defective part warrants a class action. They are interested in hearing from consumers who have purchased GE household appliances and have experienced premature failure of their GE refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner or other GE appliances with a start relay component.

What to do if you've purchased a defective G.E. appliance

Anyone who has purchased a defective GE appliance, or who has experienced problems with a GE start relay, is encouraged to contact our consumer protection attorneys by filling out the contact form on this page or calling 888-285-3333.


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